Summer Surge (A Ministry For WRE)

Each year at the close of the school year, we say good-bye to our WRE students - after having spent an entire year with them learing from Gods Word and growing in relationships.  We always walk away thinking that there is so much more that we want to teach them about God, His Word, and our Savior Jesus Christ.  Out of a desire to continue to teach and grow with these students, who have so many questions and are so interested in the things of God, we decided to start a ministry we call Summer Surge

Summer Surge is a free summer ministry for our WRE students and their family and friends that focuses on three primary questions.  1. What does the Bible teach about salvation? 2. Does the Bible say that I can know that I am saved?  And, 3. If I know that I am saved, now what?  Summer Surge is for WRE students and anyone they would like to invite between 3rd  and 6th grade.  We will meet every Tuesday (except for July 4th week)  Starting May 30 - July 18th from 6:30pm - 8:00pm.  Each Summer Surge will consist of lesson time, interactive learning time (we memorize Bible verses and other Bible based truths), Snack Time, and Game time.  We also offer a shuttle service to take your student to and from Summer Surge.   If you would like to take advantage of that option - there will be a place on the registration form to request shuttle service. 


Our prayer is that this summer will be a time for your student to surge forward in their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, hope in the Gospel, and growth in their confidence in God’s Word.  Our hope and prayer is that all of our students will be able to attend.  If you have any questions feel free to email or call Brian Hall 317-839-6721

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