What to expect


Calvary Church is located south west of Indianapolis in the growing community of Plainfield. We are a growing congregation that seeks to live out a genuine concern for people within a God centered ministry. We want to invite you to attend a service, event or Bible study here at Calvary – we would enjoy meeting you personally! You’ll find a schedule of our services and directions by clicking on the menu titled “about us”. We hope you’ll find enough information on our site to understand who we are and how God is graciously using this congregation for His immense glory to be seen. Thanks for taking time to stop by!

What to Expect

Here are a few things that might be helpful for you to know if you are new around here or are considering joining us for a worship service or other event.

What is the worship service like? 

We believe that we ought to simply, enthusiastically worship in the way God has revealed in His Word.  Some sing and listen quietly, others are more loud and expressive, many are somewhere in the middle.  We want to learn from each generation that God has graced. So, our music is a blend of traditional music, modern adaptations of traditional songs, as well as modern songs. Our goal is to be doctrinally accurate and to clearly communicate truth from God through music. The preaching seeks to be God-honoring, Christ-centered, Spirit empowered and Bible-based. Click Here to view some of our most commonly sung songs.

What should I wear?  

We are a “come as you are” or “wear what you want” group of people.  So, come as you are or wear what you want to wear! Clothing, like all of our life, simply expresses the heart that God has reached – or is reaching. We are ready to receive in love what God is doing in each life.

What if I am not a follower of Jesus?

Though we worship fervently and seek to do so with honesty, we despise manipulation and high-pressure tactics. You are invited to come, experience, enjoy, and we trust see God among us.  If you have honest questions we will be happy to work through them with you with our Bibles open so that we can hear God’s answers.

Are you part of a denomination?

We are not part of a denomination, but a fellowship of churches – no dues or hierarchy. This organization, though beneifical, is not a “lead punch” of our church. Having said that…we voluntarily affiliate with a network of churches known as the Crossroads Fellowship. We fellowship for the purposes of accountability, encouragement, wisdom and to accomplish ministry that one church could not do alone.  So, are we part of a denomination?  No – but we joyfully fellowship with other churches and hope that this models God’s plan for genuine, beneficial relationships that enable us to become more and more like Jesus.